Well Integrity Solutions

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Well Integrity Review is another service that we offer to our clients, the purpose is to see the well’s condition from well integrity perspectives. Our review is to always make sure the current and future well integrity conditions are at their optimum condition. We will give our recommendations and findings at the end of our review to improve or maintain the well integrity condition.

We assess plans and activities relating to prevention and mitigation of uncontrolled flow from wells to protect life, assets and the environment.



  • Well Integrity Training
    Increase the understanding and awareness of engineers/staffs about the concept of well integrity.​
  •  Well Integrity Management System Development
    We help your company to develop integrated and systematically system to maintain good well integrity during the well life cycle from design to abandonment.
  •  Well Integrity Database Management System
    Integrated data management system to monitor the well’s integrity performance on day to day basis, work plans, and keep all related well’s data for well integrity analysis, trouble shoot, and intervention purposes.
  • Well Integrity Review
    Review the current wells in your field from the well integrity point of view, perform a technical integrity assessment of the well barriers and their components in order to categorize the wells and identify any necessary further actions, also will give you the recommendations on how to ensure that the well integrity of your wells are always in good condition throughout their life cycle. This review will also include the wells that are now still under design phase.
  • Advisors, specialists and consultants  
    We provide personnel to work as integrated members of our client’s team, in the office, on the rig or at the well site



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